The Journal

The Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (VJoLT) is a student-run publication of the University of Virginia School of Law. VJoLT was established in 1996 by students who sought to enhance the focus at the Law School on issues arising from the intersection of law and technology.

VJoLT publishes on a wide variety of issues at the intersection of law and technology. Recent issues have included articles on intellectual property, Bitcoin, consumer data, and antitrust law. Our goal is to present cutting-edge and emerging legal issues that develop as technology advances.

The Journal publishes in print and online at, and is also indexed on Lexis and Westlaw. Publishing online allows us to present cutting-edge and emerging issues in a more timely fashion than most print journals. This is a true advantage in the dynamic field of intellectual property.

Our Editorial Board

Meet the leaders responsible for VJOLT.


Jacob Wiener

Managing Editor
Shweta Kumar

Technology Editor
Ryan Reichardt

Membership Editor
Zane Clark

Business Editors 
Moussa Ismail
Alexander Fogg

Executive Editors
Claire Brunner
Kyle Connor
Nick Dudley
Elias Mekonen
Nicolas Pollack


Submissions Editors
Filzah Iqbal
Ezekiel Rosenberg

Articles Review Board
Chris-John Bosch
Aaron Lines
Sebastien Brunot

Senior Editorial Board

Basel Al-Hasan
Tom Barnett-Young
Eric Begue
Paola Camacho
Irina Danescu
Philip Doer
Yasin Khan
Sebin Lee
Samuel LeMoyne
Sarah O'Brien
Emily Ostertag
Nicole Park
Edward Ruse
Kayla Seltzer
Jake Sendar
Ethan Silverman
Laura Yang

Junior Editorial Board

Shashank Chitti
William Christ
Eugene Dionne
Yu-Ting Huang
Andrew Kim
Daniel Sedita
Jacob Weeks
Julia Yang