Law Blog Launch

This year, VJOLT is proud to announce the launch of its new Law Blog, which will serve as a medium for publishing brief, student-written articles relevant to law and technology. The VJOLT editorial staff will also use the blog to post podcast interviews or news about upcoming important court cases. The current plan is to post roughly one article per month. A larger or smaller number of articles may be posted at the discretion of the VJOLT editorial staff.

We are currently working to create a system on the website for people to submit law blog articles. Until then, please send ideas for articles to Jacob Bradshaw, VJOLT Technology Editor, at If your article idea is approved, you may then write and submit a draft article to the same email address.

Law blog articles should be between 500 and 2,500 words. Citations must be used where necessary and should be in a correct end-note format. In addition, references to materials found on the web should be hyperlinked.