Submission Guidelines

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The Journal is pleased to accept submissions from members of the legal and scientific communities with experience and insights into issues at the intersection of the Law and Technology. Submissions should be within the range of 10 to 45 pages and should use standard bluebook citation form. Submissions may be emailed to SUBMISSIONS@VJOLT.ORG as an attached Word document. Please also attach the author's resume and, if available, an abstract of the article.

In an effort to better inform our understanding of the field from the author's perspective, we ask that authors submitting articles to us kindly mention how they decided to submit to our journal in particular. A sentence or two to that end would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in the Virginia Journal of Law & Technology.

Student Notes

Student notes are 5 - 20 page articles written exclusively by UVA law students. If you are a student interested in writing a note, please email an abstract of your proposed note, summarizing the topic and your arguments or positions. You can email a proposal to SUBMISSIONS@VJOLT.ORG as a Word document.

You do not need to submit a resume, but please include in your proposal email your name and class year.

If the editorial team decides to accept your proposal, they will contact you to establish a time frame for completing the note and publishing it.

Formatting Guidelines

Although adherence to the formatting guidelines is not required, it is encouraged. It makes our job much easier, and therefore it makes us much happier to receive your submission.

Font: Times New Roman, Size 12 (Size 10 for footnotes).

Margins: 1 inch on all sides.

Paragraphs: Single-spaced lines, 12 pt. spacing after paragraphs, first line indented 0.5", alignment justified.


Primary: Roman numerals (I, II, III), Times New Roman font, size 16, bold, small caps, no indent. 36 pt. spacing before, 18 pt. spacing after.

Secondary: Letters (A, B, C), Times New Roman font, size 14, bold, no indent. 24 pt. spacing before, 12 pt. spacing after.

Tertiary: Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3), Times New Roman font, size 12, bold, no indent. 12 pt. spacing before, 6 pt. spacing after.

Block quotes: 6 pt. spacing before, 0 pt. after. Indent left and right 0.5".